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Shane Carwin to fight Casey Hayne


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After Casey Hayne's destruction over the rat boy bully, Shane Carwin has apperantly stepped up and called out the Bully beatdown specialist to a much antcipated fight at UFC 131.


Shane Carwin expects this fightto be a down and dirty brawl and is all to familiar with Haynes grappling prowess.


Carwin stated" I will not be lured in by this gentle giant, for I have witness the full strength of this sleeping beast"


So we finally have found out who Carwin will be fighting next.

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It's a video goin around about some kid getting bullied then him destroying this kid


I'd say it's up there with the rampage powerbomb


saw it on the news it was pretty epic, i rewound it about 4 times and slowmo'd it, messed kid up pretty good

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I think the fact that he was getting bullied by multiple kids was the reason why he did not do that in teh first place in fear of getting jumped. he would of had to of kept fighting if it were not for the girl who stopped the other boy.


If there were more people in the world like the girl near the end of the video we would not have any bullying in our schoolyards


Still Shane Carwin is going to get his *** whooped by Haynes

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