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Hobo With A Shotgun


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just saw the trailer on tv;


in theatres March 25th.


I see ricky from trailor park boys which instantly gives it class.




really? this is a movie now? ****ing epic movie title.


second of Grindhouses fake trailer films to be made into a full length film. Machete was the first. I remember seeing this **** originally during Planet Terror/Death Proof.


Discuss this upcoming film with a blatently awesome movie title.

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i don't know how this compares to the usual tpb viewings but it had me laughing. :D


indeed. that is one of the many gold moments from the tv series, which successfully spanned 7or 8 seasons and spawned 2 or 3movies.


i don't remember exactly how many because that water bong was so ****ing smooth :D

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seen this


good movie


ricky died in less then a minute though :(


lol ****ing ricky. he could have added depth to the flick. ;)


just finished watching it' date=' here is my review:


from the film that brought you such classic lines as:


"get off me demons, your crushing my smokes!"




"when life gives you razorblades, you make baseball bats with razorblades on them."


what a ridiculous movie... ridiculously ****ing awesome. lol


a gritty, gore filled, soul tarnishing man movie to the core.


so retarded it is stuck in perpetual winning.


8.5 hobo's out of 10.[/b]

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I saw this movie over the weekend, its pretty good if you like those grindhouse style of movies, it could have been made by Tarantino or Rodriguiz, but i dont think it was. It Reminded me alot of Machete, The Hobo is a vigalante that uses a shotgun to clean up the streets. Rutger Hauer is the only actor in the movie I recognized, he plays a pretty bad-*** Hobo Though!

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