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Dear Shady_Chump


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Proof you're a welcher.


Shady do you have hair man? I'm down for the loser to make a video shaving their head on youtube realistically. I want you Shady... We can sing a Vitor is great song while doing it too.


Wow and it only took 11 pages for someone to man up.


No we can do the original bet. You'll say what I type out for you to say. Now if you wanna shave your head too that's fine. The loser will have to read the statement prepared then shave their head afterwards. Do we have a deal?


I'm going to own you.


I shaved my head for my last fight in November ' date=' but its getting longer day by day haha.


You're going to be shaving that sad excuse for a afro soon FOOL![/quote']

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And here's the him getting called out afterwards..


I'll shave it once I buy a webcam and figure out how to record it and upload it ' date=' but I never agreed to reading what Shady wants me to.


As for whoever Broken_Bones is , don't run your mouth in the internet chump it only makes you more of a failure.[/quote']


We agreed that the loser reads a script and then shaves their head. Why would I make this up


And when I sent you your script why did you send this back







Thought it was a hilarious response ' date=' I'll do my best to get the video to you guys though.[/quote']
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Yeah I got bones too. I just hope he doesn't leave his hands low like he did against Bader.. But that was probably because he was worried about the TD


i agree, shogun usually attempts the TD after a flurry of punches, if he tries to rush jones i think jones will just duck under, he has so much more versatility with his reach

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You don't have a smart phone or a friend with a smart phone or camcorder. I do my videos using my droid.


I use a digital camera: Fine Pix A820



I can have more recording time but I'll need to go buy a memory chip. And I don't want to buy a memory chip for a YT bet. Lol.

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If SHogun loses' date=' (he won't) I'll PM you about the situation and i'll try to get a YT vid up.




When Shogun wins (He's gonna win), I don't want a song or anything. I'll just PM you a script of what I want you to say.[/quote']


Good luck, man.


When the Gun wins, Shady has to sing songs for like 5-6 people. :P

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