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Have you ever ran a marathon?


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I haven't. I've always enjoyed running and was pretty good at middle and long distance running at school. Since then I've pretty much just been doing 5 mile road runs once or twice a week for fitness. I think a marathon is one of those things you should do at least once so have decided to run the Gold Coast Marathon on 3 July this year.


Have any of you ever run a marathon? Any tips for the training leading up? Any tips to get through a 42.195km run when the longest you have ever run previously would be about 20km? I'm looking actually looking forward to it. I must be crazy!

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2 years ago i ran Bloomsday road race in Spokann Washington... it doesn't really count because it is only 12 KM or 7.46 miles


i was 14? or so' date=' needless to say i tghought i was the S*** haha[/quote']


Haha I ran the "Bridge to Brisbane" a few years ago which was a 14km course at the time. Was a fairly tough run because it started with running over the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane which is a decent size bridge:


Wiki: The total length is 1,627 metres (5,337 ft). This is divided into a southern approach of 376 metres (1,234 ft), a northern approach of 731 metres (2,398 ft) and the three central spans of 520 metres (1,706 ft).


Was a nice way to start the run with such a steep ascent! I coped ok with the run and was obviously running a fair bit faster because of the 14km course than I will be for the 42km marathon.

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