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It's happening over in the UFC Section.



This thread isn't about Fedor and all of your posts have been uneducated. I give credit when credit is due. Fedor by no one is considered best of all time. He hides in no talent organizations to stack a winning record much like Bisping. I've been preaching this for years and it was finallly proven when he entered the current HW tourney. I took a deep breath and said' date='" FINALLY". He was out in the first round. He made his name by fighting washed up UFC guys and parlor trick giants like Hong Man Choi. [b']He wouldn't come to UFC because he wouldn't last[/b], and why would he. He had the phantom thing going on. It was recently exposed and his career is pretty much over. Saying that, the Strikeforce HW division is better than UFC'S. UFC cleared theirs out for Brock, to make money. I would LOVE to see Brock in that trouney. He would do ok, just like Silva P4P. But would end up in the middle somewhere.


Feel free to point and laugh

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