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Who wants to bet against cro cop and shogun?


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I'll take a bet. I got bones. send me a PM.


If Bones wins you put...


"I' date=' casino16, am a **** thanks to Mikmania"[/quote']


since i never ssaw u with any sig bets.....and the fact that it says ur banned tells me ur gonna screw me on this one so no

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I dont. I got Crocop and Shogun too:)

Man I am so nervous, two of my favourite fighters fighting. I dont know who to cheer for more.

Probably for Crocop, since he needs a win more than Shogun does.

I wouldnt even be so upset if Shogun would lost against Bones, just if Jones wouldnt be so ****y. Now I want him to KO Bones that he will learn a bit of respect. Who signs an autograph with a champ before his name, before he even is one:mad:?

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