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How long would a fight last theoretically....


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Well...unless Frankie has become a BJJ wizard and could pull off something like this...



Then again' date=' that's a BJJ match. I doubt anyone could ever pull off a shoot like that in MMA.[/quote']


The size difference between Brock and Edgar is much greater.


Brock would demolish Edgar in about 15 seconds. 10 of those seconds is chasing him down and then just a couple of Brocks vicious GnP to finish him. Edgar couldn't turtle a turtle.

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Haha lesnar would straight away go for his only tool the bum rush


With lesnar being such an amateaur edgar would surely just duck and run through lesnars bowed chicken legs


Edgar winning any way he wants?..yes


Lesnar winning any more mma fights? hahahahahahahahaha


nuff said :cool:

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