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A UFC minishow they should make


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Countdown, Primetime, All-Access, and now In the Moment. So far, they've done a really good job with promotional shows for fights and fighters. Countdown shows haven't been all that great lately since the epic UFC 116 one where Brock and Shane were going back and forth. I think the most spectacular promo I've ever seen was the original Primetime with St. Pierre and Penn. It seems they went all out with that one and it was clear hero vs. villain so it worked out perfectly.


However, a show they haven't really made is "a day of training with" show. I know they have montages everywhere but its mostly for dramatic effect and not for really giving a feel for what the fighter's day is like. All-access was the closest thing and seeing the circuit training of Forrest, Brock, Sherk, Franklin, and Wanderlei I think appeals a lot to public.


If the fighters and coaches wouldn't mind it I think it could be a big hit. Obviously don't show Phil Nurse going "Okay George, this is our secret move to beat Jake Shields". Maybe have it during a strength and conditioning orriented part of a training camp or maybe when a fighter doesn't have a fight scheduled at all. I just think it would be neat to see the coach explain the workout to the fighter beforehand and see how the fighter approaches it and the things their coaches tell them to motivate them during the day to day grind. I think a detailed look into fighters preparation would appeal to the vast majority of UFC fans and would probably inspire a lot of them since most play a sport or are wrestlers/mixed martial artists. I know wrestling in college is hard and I'm always thinking of new things to tell myself when it gets hard. For the longest time I told myself "I don't have two options, I'm going to win this fight", but that sort of lost its appeal after Sonnen tapped because apparently losing is an option too. Of course they could put their typical dramatic music into the background as always and it would be a well-received show.

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