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Cro Cop had a very different look in his eyes at the weigh ins...


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Do you mean...


"He's got that look in his eyes!"




LOL!!! Yea. I think Schaubs gonna get KO'ed. It's gonna be an entertaining fight that's for sure. I'm not just saying that either. I've followed Cro Cop. Well not FOLLOWED him but I followed him on youtube. I've seen his latest training vids and interviews. He looks READY. And he hasn't looked that lean since his pride days. Cro Cop's gonna bring it. Just watch. Let's see what happens on Saturday.

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He looked ****ing evil!!! 17:35 when he looks up... He's going to BRUTALIZE schaub. I've bet money on him finishing I'm so confident. I told my friend that I would bet him after I saw the weigh ins' date=' I had to see his demeanor... I know whats coming.[/quote']


LOL!!!! Now this guy is smart!! :D

Exactly what I think dude.

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