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some fun to kill time until tonights event! sick of Jones is gonna win, no Shogun is, No Jones..... i cant read the same **** over and over lol so heres how this works.....

find ur favorite quotes from MMA doesnt just have to be funny quotes or quotes from fighters can be anything or from anyone in the Biz.. so lets go One for One, Read one Post one... ill get it started



?90 percent of the game is half mental? ? Tim Sylvia


priceless idiot lol

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"i came out and called them a ***** to thier face and they are like, oh no, i'm a *****, you know what i mean." - nick diaz


"he [gomi] was doing some ****ing huduken ****en punch in there to me, you know and hes knocking people out, and busthing


"Man im slick as a motherfuc** ain't i"


"Where Mayweather At? Kermit Cintron All them boxers talkin ****! Im the mutha****a to fight!"




"i look up to chuck, he is older than me....... much older than me" - page

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?I do a lot of ******* off, ya know, because I don?t get no women, so these arms are, like, humongously big. See it?s workout, and it?s pleasure..? Charles Bennett


?Somebodys telling me that about my wife; Im sorry sir im going to have to break your leg.? ? Bas Rutten


?I knew i ?urt ?im, when he said aarg? ? GSP


?I thought I was getting raped by Freddy Mercury.? ? Tank


??apparently the the only way to kill a lion is by rear naked choke?personally i?d just kick it in the head.?? ? Bas Rutten


?I didnt use steroids? ? Sean Sherk

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?He beat me fair & square. no, I?m sorry, he beat me fairly squarely? ? GSP


?I don?t want to lick any butt.? ? GSP


?I will beat you into a living death? ? Ken Shamrock


?I will knock your hair black? ? Ken Shamrock to Ortiz


?90 percent of the game is half mental? ? Tim Sylvia


?Im the oldest I?ve ever been, right now? ? Tim Sylvia


?you will be the last of the mohicans? ? Tito to Chuck


?he took a book from?chucks chapter? ? Goldberg on Tito


?the lil eagle soars again!? ? Goldberg on Jens ?lil evil? pulver


?I only want to be known as the best ever. Is that too much to ask?? ? BJ Penn

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