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Jones vs Evans... who you got? (no hype)


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I got Evans. Although i believe that Jon Jones is the real deal i still think rashad has that athletic ability like Jones that will make for a better fight.


Im picking Rashad, but its going to be a very close fight.


Don't have your hype brain and bring it in here. Based strictly on skills and athletic ability/ect... who do you think will win this fight?

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I would not pick against Jones right now no matter who he fights' date=' he looks like too much for anyone right now. And it's not like other top prospects turned champions, he has just absolutely destroyed every opponent he has faced in every facet of the game.[/quote']


your buying into the hype. Once a couple weeks settle in you will bet against him. hes good. But i saw tonight that he was very tired. Rashad doesn't get tired like that. But im not saying anythign really bad. I thought he was incredible. Amazing. He deserved it. I think this will be a close fight but we will see. I still think Evans will beat him though


i have always thought that.

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