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THE FIRST OFFICIAL "Bones Jones vs Anderson Silva for LHW title" Thread


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Considering only a few minutes ago we saw Bones dominate Shogun for the LHW title, and it doesn't look like there are any formidable threats on the horizon...


its a matter of time before Anderson Silva vs Bones Jones will be brought up. Relentlessly.


So I thought I would jump the gun.










3/20/11 The night Bones Jones beat Shogun

Vote count was

Bones: 8

Silva: 6



8/29/11 The night Anderson beat Okami

Edit: Id like to see an update on the votes. Considering Anderson's dominant performance over Okami, who do you think would win now?

Vote count was





9/24/11 The night Bones defeated Rampage

Edit: Time for another update following the beating Bones Jones has just put on Rampage. How has this affected any of your opinions?

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Jones has something Silva doesn't; elite wrestling. Because of that I think he could beat Silva. He's got the right body style for it, the right ****iness and confidence, and his striking is good and unpredictable enough to survive the standup. I don't think he'd be super-intimidated like a lot of guys are against Silva. If/when Anderson started going into that mocking shuffle he does Jones would probably do it right back at him. Not saying Silva couldn't win the fight because he could. But if I were to put money on it I'd pick Jones because he's younger, stronger, and has better wrestling.

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Silva would have the experience, and the fighting know how.


He could find openings, get his timing(if there is one) and be just as unpredictable as Jones.


But would he win...I dont think so. Smaller, entering the twilight of his career, weaker in wrestling, and has much more wear and tear on his body. Bones by TKO 3rd round.




Only way I could see this fight happen is if they want to catapult Jones status even higher, and capitalize on Silva leaving(about to retire) but handing over the hype to Jones. Pass the torch.

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