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If Jones Beats Rashad, He'll Reign For A LONG Time


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Trying to outstrike Jones is a foolish prospect, at best. Shogun is still one of the best strikers in the division, but he wasn't able to do anything against Jones.


Trying to submit him is also a foolish prospect, at best. He's obviously not only extensively trained his submission defense, but his submission offense is obviously very well honed.


The only even close to semi-semi-weakness I could see against Jones is getting outwrestled. Which is the only place I can see someone like Rashad beating Jones at. He won't be able to strike with him, which means his only chance is to try and outwrestle Jones.


Another foolish prospect? Probably. But if Jones manages to beat Rashad, I don't think anyone in the LHW division will upset that man for a long time.


And this is coming from not a Jones fan, but not a Jones hater at the same time.

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