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So to all you ShoBUM fans....


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Admit that your boy would get manhandled and totally disgraced if he ever even dares steps foot in the cage with the G.O.A.T known as Anderson Silva. I mean afterall he just got manhandled by a 3years into MMA rookie right?....Admit that Shobum isnt even worthy of shining Silva's shoes...I promise...



...You'd feel better.:)

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No' date=' but at least Shogun was willing to say, "I'll fight him."


Whereas Silva wouldn't even consider fighting Jones, even if he had two years to train for that fight.[/quote']


At least shogun was willing to fight Jones? Are you serious?

Shogun is the veteran here. Jones was the one with all the cojones who took the fight with only 6 weeks to train. Jones was the one who took a fight against not only a champion, but a proven fighter. Jones was the one who had all the pressure him because at first he had all the odds betting for him, and then he had people saying he was too ****y and shogun needed to shut people up because they didn't respect him so he was going to destroy Jones.


Silva has already explained as to why he won't move up, and if anyone took the time to actually think through his reasons were, they would make sense.


Jones is and will be the next P4P # 1 king. Whether it'd be before or after Silva retires.

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