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RIP Rashad Evans


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Did you see the look Jones got on his face when they brought Rashad out and Rogan started talking about them fighting?


I think he's going to hurt Rashad for ever deciding to challenge him like that...and hurt him bad...lol


Yeah I think so too, Rashad looks like a MW against most LHWs while Jones looks like a HW against most LHWs, the huge height, size, and reach advantage alone is going to be tough enough for Rashad to overcome. And then throw in Jones' talent and IMO it's like his fight with Bader.

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Rashad won't be as easy to tool around on the ground as Shogun, but Jones will still destroy Rashad. Far too strong, far too quick, and that reach advantage will play against Rashad who likes to use the jab himself to score points.


Shogun had a better chance than Rashad to beat Jones. Go figure.

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