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Did Jones take Shogun's soul?


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Seriously.. I couldn't see exactly when it happened.. But Shogun's spirit was taken away from him in this fight..


There isn't 1 single moment in the fight when eh looked confident.. At the start I thought Bones would respect hima lot but he just trashed him with... I won't even call them fancy moves.. they were like... technique-less barbarian flails type of strikes.. He just threw his legs and arms and whatever he has that is 2 meters long around and hurt Shogun. I think Shogun's heart died after that first flying knee.. He already looked defeated..


Surprisingly when he was on his back I thought Shogun was doing a decent job controling Jones and limiting the damage but when he stood back up... wtf went on? He didn't even have the strength to throw a ****ing jab.. Jones could've ended it right away but it seemed like he just decided to keep the humiliation going. Shogun wasn't defeated.. he was destroyed physicaly AND mentaly in this fight. Was sad to look. I wouldn't be surprised to see him retire after that.. that was ridiculous.


And Shogun did tap at the end... and it was a smar thing to do.

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