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Alright my fellow forum peeps it's time for you to decide.


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Since I won 5 youtube bets and these bets are for all of our enjoy ment.. I figured I'd leave one open for the forum to decide. The singer of this song is Superbeast28


I'm going to suggest 5 songs and the next 5 songs that get 2 peoples approval will be put in a poll, that poll will close in 1 day and the song with the most votes will be his song


My picks are

Auqa - Barbie Girl

Brandy and Monica - The Boy is mine

Celine Dion - My heart will go on

Hanson - mmm bop

Britney Spears: Hit me baby one more time


These ^^^^ will automatically be put in the poll


When u post ur song dont just post the video post the name and artist too


Poll will go up after 5 songs are agreed on by 2 members.

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