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Thoughts after 128


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First off, Jon Jones completely demolished Shogun tonight. All Jones fan can definitely gloat about that. Shogun fans don't make excuses, he lost and just take it as that. He will be back and hopefully better. Urijah did a good job against wineland not much to say about that except that Urijah should fight Cruz for the title. Schaub was impressive with the KO victory. Cro Cop was impressive until that moment. In my opinion I think Mirko should hang up the gloves. He had a good long career and has beaten some good fighters. Schuab should step into the cage against somebody like Mir. I would say Struve but i think Schuab would mop the floor with him so Mir is good for now.


Back to Jon Jones. He was extremely impressive tonight. Made Shogun look like a little boy in the cage. I was thinking it was going to be a good equal match up with a finish from either fighter in the 4th or 5th. Jon Jones is definitely the new era of MMA. After the match Rashad is the #1 Contender. He is probably my fav fighter but, i really dont see Rashad doing anything against Jones. Rashad is faster than Shogun but we all know Rashad's chin isnt the strongest. Rashad is a very very good wrestler but Jones out wrestled Bader. I still have faith in Rashad if he can stay elusive and be able to take down Jones and control him on the ground.


All in all, Jones did a great job out there tonight and i cant wait to see if can successfully defend the title.



Jim Miller is good but i want to see him against Guida or Pettis, not Maynard or Edgar.

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