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LHW agenda..


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After the total destruction of Shogun by JBJ, Forrest back in the Octagon, Bader coming of his 1st loss and and ageing Franklin also coming off a loss, Rampage and Hamill set to throw down, plus Machida and Randy ready to square off, what fights would ya like to see made with the winners and loosers of these bouts plus the other elite fighters of the roster and how do you see it panning out?

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i hope that Rampage/Hammil winner gets the shot at JBJ.. Rampage would school him on the feet and Hammil on the ground....



and i hope that Rashad doesnt get the shot,he's 2 times smaller than JBJ and i think it would be an easy win for JBJ

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I would like to see


Rampage Beat Hamill

Evans get Raped By Jones

Randy UD Machida


setting up


Hamill vs Evans (dislike both these fighters so i dont care to see them fight)

Rampage Vs Shogun 2

Machida Vs Badar

Randy Vs Bones for Lhw Belt



Randy will have the belt and retire' date=' leaving belt up for grabs or maybe he will still fight so id want to see


Rampage Vs Bones(for the belt if Randy retires with it)

Randy Vs Rampage (it Randy doesnt retire)

Randy Vs Dan Henderson For the unification of the belts


then Chuck laydown comes out of retirement for 1 last whoRAH and Kos Current champ stealing the belt, in record fashion 3.4 seconds, just to retire again as the badest most badass MMA GOD on the plante...no and then.[/quote']


one of the very few problems in your dream world. after machida loses he will be gone. and randy wouldnt beat jon. sorry lol

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