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I started the machida campaing today !!


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Thats right guys ....


Im brazilian and as any brazilian I was rooting for Shogun. Got ready saturday night, had some drinks, watching spike tv as I was getting ready but there was a voice inside my head saying: "Dude, tonight Shogun will do exactly how he did against Forrest and Coleman" but another voice would say: "Nah, Shogun is the best 205 and Jones has no experience to fight Shogun"


Shogun was my biggest dissapoint so far in MMA .. Shogun was TIRED AFTER THE FIRST TIME JONES TOOK HIM DOWN !!!


On the 2nd round Shogun was dying ... Shogun DIDNT THROW EVEN A PUNCH or nothing !!!! Shogun was fat btw ....


I regret rooting for Shogun when he was figghting Machida because The Dragon is a tru champ and I can guarantee you Machida could loose to Jones but not that way !!


Jon Jones is the man. He is young, fast, skilled, energetic and all my congrats goes for this young man ... Congrats Jon Jones you deserved it !!! Well done job !!!


I really dont see any other fight on LHW ABLE TO EVEN FIGHT against Jones beside Machida with his grappling skills, elusiveness and Karate background and thats why I start today my Machida champion campaign and hope he will win convinclily against Randy and maybe have a title shot late 2011 (if Rashad dont fight Jonea AND Ramapge loose to Hamill) ....



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