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Forrest Griffin vs Jon Jones


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I think this will get slaughtered but i do see where your coming from.


I watched the Forrest vs Shogun fight the other day and was surprised how easy Forrest could take Rua down.


I believe that Forrest could stay in there with Jones but the unpredictability of Jones will be too much for Forrest

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only thing forrest got going for him aainst jones is the size. They are both same size, but everywhere else jones is better than griffin


I m not saying girffin is better than rua, but i think griffin could do better than rua.


Just like maia would have a much easier time beating sonnen , than silva would. However silva will have an easier time beating maia than he would beating sonne ,. Doesnt make much sense ! but thats mma


Bonnar lost so many fights in the ufc , but he is still the only who took jones to a decision...

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