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Rather See J Jones/A Silva or GSP/A Silva ?


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GSP can't even finish anyone @ 170.. WTF makes you think he's going to stop Anderson @ 185 or even a catch weight?


I'm still questioning whether or not he'll beat Jake Shields at this point.. I think Jake Shields might be able to submit GSP given 5 rounds to work a sub from guard. We'll see. But no. I don't want to see GSP vs. Anderson Silva until GSP can thoroughly finish fights at WW.


Unless you just want to see GSP get completely wrecked, it's a waste of a fight. I'd rather Anderson Silva be thrown in fights that are challenging to him and fights I know he'll be tested in.


AS vs. JJ is the far more intriguing match up. GSP wants nothing to do with the Spider. My guess is he screams like a girl when he sees just a little spider in his garage.

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