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Greg Jackson hopes Rashad was just "emotional"


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"Well, you know, I'm hoping it's just emotion talking and that that won't be the case because we love him to death," Jackson said. "And I love him to death."


"But you know you get emotional and the crowd, there's a lot of things that are said that I hope aren't meant," Jackson continued.




Thoughts? Was Evans just emotional? Or is he actually going to leave Jackson's camp?


I kinda feel like he just overreacted.

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I can't foresee any logical way for two competing fighters to train at the same camp. One has to leave and Evan's is smart enough to realize that it isn't going to be the LHW title holder who is eventually told to go. I think he made a preemptive move before being forced out and that win or lose he'll be back with Jackson's camp after the fight.

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