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The UG sucks!


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I posted a legit question and my post was frozen. I asked a question that is relevant in this day and time when you have people like Bob arum questiong MMA's appeal to minoroties. The idiot "Vengeance" (mod) wrote "Froze for being dumb" what an *****. This is what i asked.



Throughout history Caucasian athletes have dominated sports made up of predominantly white athletes. That dominance usually ends once Black or other minorities are "allowed" to participate, Will MMA be another sport waiting to be noticed then dominated by Black or minority Martial Artists?

Caucasians seem to be the dominant force when it comes to numbers in American MMA but as we see Minorities are small in numbers but hold the majority of titles in MMA. Cain Velasquez shocked the world by his Dominance over Brock Lesnar and it appears Lesnar is the last "White hope" in that weight class. Jon Bones Jones has destroyed the top White prospects leaving only Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin in that division to threaten for the title but after their last performance they are far from winning a title in the LHW division. Anderson Silva has no competition. The Welterweight and Lightweight divisions are the only white dominated weight classes but for how long? So is White MMA dominance over?




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Cain Velasquez- Mexican- beat Lesnar

Jon Jones- Black -beat Rua

Anderson Silva- Brazilian-beat Franklin

Jose Aldo-Brazilian- beat Mike Brown

Dominick Cruz-Mxican- beat Brian Bowles

Nick Diaz- Mexican -beat Marius Zaromskis

Gilbert Melendez-Mexican- beat Rodrigo damm


This is to name a few.

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This is the type of conversations/Threads you choose to engage in? " Zombies have taken over the planet' date=' choose what you will take to save the earth!" I guess i was talking over your head.[/quote']


Hmmmm, you posted Brazillian as a reason why someone was beaten....


I thought this was about race, not where you're from?

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