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Anderson is just a MW Machida


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They train together, probably pick up some stuff off each other - but they are both completely different fighters. For that matter the Machida and Silva probably have the 2 most unique styles in all of MMA.


The only thing they have in common is they are both accurate with their strikes landing on the button, Silva's strikes are much more powerful though. Neither are brawlers, but both are very good at seeing the strike before it comes and avoiding and countering - but they are both totally different. When they actually fight - they are two completely different fighters.


Silva = deadly accurate one-shot KO striker, angles, creative, owns the octagon and dictates where they engage. Piercing Muai Thai, clinch knees. Effortless torque in his kicks. Lot more athletic. JBJ is trying to become Silva like, but he's not very accurate at landing shots on the button.


Machida = Unique stance, this his upper torso way back with his Machida style movement. Doesn't have KO power, but he has fast hands and throws like 20 punch flurries on the button if he sees an opening till his opponent is finished.

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