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Jeremy Stephens vs Ross Pearson


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These are probably my two favourite lightweights and a fight between these two would be sick. How do you think it would go?

I think it would all depend on whether Pearson could avoid Stephens' power or not. Pearson could probably outpoint him but Stephens has alot more power and he could catch Pearson and put him out. They are both very good strikers!!!

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Yes' date=' but sometimes fast or technical strikers with good footwork (Guillard and Davis) can make him look average and outscore him.

I think Pearson would be able to hold his own with a smart gameplan.[/quote']


Pearson would have to step up his game to pull this one of imo. if he tried to stand in the pocket he's done but if he keeps away from stephens' power he would be ok on the feet. hell he could even try taking stephens down early to at least make him afraid of the shot and hesitant to pull the trigger

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