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TheTerribleWilliamson s*cked off Jon Jones at the afterparty


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I once worked as a home care attendant for an elderly man who had suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed. One of my duties was to assist him with his bowel movements. If helping him get on the toilet and holding on to him to ensure he didn't fall off wasn't bad enough I had to wipe for him afterwards. The dumbest part was that there was a log book that I had to write down everything that happened during my visit and I was required to document his movements, the time, size, shape, consistency, colour, odor, etc. I always wrote the same thing "Time 4pm-It was brown, turd shaped and it smelled bad."


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've wiped a grown mans *** before and I didn't like it one bit so the chance of me doing it for Jon Jones is highly unlikely. Hence, this thread is a failure.


Good day to you.

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