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The champs in each UFC division a year from now.


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Bantamweight - Faber will take the belt from Cruz and have defended it once.


Featherweight - Aldo continues to own the division.


Lightweight - Regardless of Edgar-Maynard 3, that man will lose to Guida, who might defend it once before March 2012 or in that month.


Welterweight - Can anyone stop GSP? Not if GSP keeps training the way he does.


Middleweight - Considering Dana was talking GSP-Silva superfight assuming Silva beat Belfort and GSP beats Shields....and Okami is apparantly next to challenge MW belt...Silva may have been matched up and lost to Sonnen a year from now. (Yes, if the rematch happens I think Sonnen will win)


Light Heavy - It's been a revolving door of champions, too many variables to predict.


Heavyweight - Lesnar will overpower JDS, then we'll see a FOTY edging over Cain. Lesnar will have had 1 successful defense early in 2012. (Barring any surprise moves by top HWs in Strikeforce to UFC)

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I don't think we'll see many changes in how the divisions are run. But hell, I doubt each fighter can defend his belt for a year without losing, so I'm probably wrong. I hope I'm wrong, I'd like to see some changes.


BW: Faber/Cruz. Faber will probably dethrone Cruz and defend it.

FW: Aldo.

LW: Edgar. I'd like to see him dethroned, but I can't see anyone pulling that off atm.


MW: Silva.

LHW: Jones. Or Rampage, perhaps? But probably not.

HW: Cain. But hoping for JDS.

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LW- Sot


I like Sot and I hope he'll get his shot at the title soon, but since he lost to Siver he was set back. Plus, there were already two guys in line before him before his loss. It's more likely Sot (with a win over Dunham and another contender, Miller perhaps?) will get his shot in 2012/13.

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BW: Faber

FW: Aldo

LW: Maynard

WW: Penn

MW: Hendo or Sonnen

LHW: Phil Davis

HW: JDS or Lesnar


i disagree highly


BW: Cruz

FW: Aldo

LW: Edgar


MW: hrmm, i'd love to Silva lose, but i dont think this is the year, so Silva

LHW: Jones, i hate the man

HW: Valasquez

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i want fedors contract with strikforce to run out and see him go on a diet and fight LHW


and rashad to relise he should be fighting MW


and jim miller to finally get a LW title shot


or i see it all being the same as of today


faber might beat cruz, but i think cruz has improved and will be better then when they first met.


JDS or brock for long shot for HW but they seem to one dimensional fighters tho, lack an area of martial arts. ie, brocks striking, and JDS wreslting

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