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Bones vs Reem


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Only 3 inch reach advantage for Bones, not enough to handle Overeem currently.


Experience - Reem

Striking - lol

Wrestling - Bones

Bjj - Reem


Conclusion: I dont hate on Jones, id just like to see him fight a guy whom he doesnt massivly overpower, with reach height etc.

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Right now I would have to go with Alistair. I mean Obviously Overeem is the better striker, and Jones reach isn't significant enough to use in the same manner that he did against Mauricio. I am also curious to see if Jones can also manhandle Overeem, who is also obviously much bigger, as all the people Jon has ragdolled have been smaller than him or close to the same size. It may depend on how much muscle Jon puts on for the fight. Too little muscle and he won't be able to overpower uber. Too much and him might lose some of his cardio and mobility. If Jones can ragdoll him the fight is his, if not I I don't see him outstriking Alistair, but then Again I said the same thing about shogun so who knows lol.


and for any idiot who is going to say "well shogun Ko'd the reem, and Jones raped shogun, therefore Jones woul also rape the reem", just stfu right now.


The Alistair of then and now are not even close to being the same fighter. MMAth is for retards, so please just keep it to youself/

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