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Thoughts on Urijah Faber vs Eddie Wineland.


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Very competitive fight IMO. Wineland impressed me, he showed some strength in the clinch and some great takedown defense.



Shane Carwin had a really funny Tweet about these guys:


Shane Carwin: Only way I would fight either of these two guys is in a phone booth.


Faber's speed was really impressive. Especially in that last round when he started to get his rhythm and Wineland's timing. Should be an interesting title shot. I think Faber needs to really work on his takedowns if he wants to take the title.

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I thought it was a good fight, but frankly Faber failed to capture his usual energy in my eyes. And I could tell Wineland was really stepping up - he wanted to steal the spot light from the golden boy. In a way, I think with how closely competitive it was, he kind of did. A lot of people were expecting Eddie to roll over and play dead for Urijah and simply give him the easy "I beat a former champ at 135" win. Frankly, I think it's pretty obvious the money fight is Urijah/Cruz, but win, lose or draw with that bout, I could see a rematch with Eddie in the near future.

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