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Why is everyone making excuses now?


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All I'm seeing now are excuse threads about why Shogun lost. He lost decisively. Accept that fact and move on. I'm a Shogun fan. But I'm also a Jones fan. I hated to see Shogun get dominated like that but I accept it. Jones was the better man that night. Stop coming up with excuses. It's pointless and it really makes you look bad. But hey...if that makes you feel better, then go ahead and talk all that nonsense. Even the people that are making excuses know the FACTS. But they come up with excuses to try and hide it lmao :D

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Rua needed a **** during the fight that's why he lost - there's nothing to be embarrassed about it happens to us all.


Next time he'll have a **** before going to the cage.




Stop putting the size setting at 7. Everyone can do it, you're not special, you're just being an attention *****.

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