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Jon Jones will prove the doubters wrong..ONCE AGAIN.


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Everyone comes up with lame excuses after every Jones fight. But Jones will prove them wrong time and time again. I believe Jones will KO Rashad Evans. Jones will dominate once again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.



Man...I can't wait...I want to see the looks on their faces after Jones beats everyone LOL!!! It would be quite funny to see :P

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Its ridiculous every fight he has everyone guarantees a loss and he makes them look stupid. He literally proves everyone wrong every time he fights' date=' theres literally no reason to pick against him because you will just look dumb.[/quote']


actually the only fight i ever said he would lose was shogun

and even then i really didnt think he would

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Jones is only going to get better... UFC is going to have to find some new talent to challenge him because i honestly don't see anyone at LHW even putting up a solid fight against him.


Bader the Div 1 Wrestler? Destroyed.

Shogun the #1 LHW Striker? Destroyed.

Hammil? Decorated Wrestler.. Destroyed.


All he needs to do now is prove he can walk through an elite BJJ artist. But how many of those do we have at LHW?

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Jones is a great fighter, i'm a fan, i would have liked to have seen Rua win but it was obvious who the better fighter was. in response to the OP, don't forget people said the same thing about Fedor for years, and more recently everyone was saying the same thing about Machida. Also, for the superstitious people out there, Since the Pride MW title and the UFC LHW title was unified, no-one has defended it (aside from Machida/Rua 1) everyone that has won the belt has lost it to their next opponent. I think Jones has the beating of Evans but he won't beat everyone, no-one ever does

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I'm not going to make excuses for why Shogun lost but I will throw in some information which true MMA and Bones fans will take in to consideration before this fight... Before I begin I want to say, as a Shogun fan, that Bones is an extremely great fighter and has some of the best coaches ever and deserves the title he has now. On the other hand...


Shoguns Last Fight: 5/8/2010 ----- (over 9 Months ago)

Jones Last Fight: 2/5/2011 --- (1 month ago) (3 fights within the period Shogun had 1)



Shogun had another knee surgery done and completely healed over that time before his fight with Bones. We seen the effect the last time Shogun has this kind of surgery in his fight with Griffin and Coleman. It is apparent Shogun needed more cardio and we all seen this in his fight with Lyoto and how did that go? Bones is NOT the fighter you want to go in with no cardio against and unfortunately that's what Shogun had against him.


A lot of people have jumped off Shogun and are calling Bones some immortal fighter and Bones is truly a great fighter but he has challenge ahead of him. I know when we see Shogun back again at top form he will be a fighter to worry about.


Until then I look forward to seeing what Jones has to offer. I believe if he beats Rashad and Machida beats Couture, we could see these two meet up and I would go for Lyoto Machida to win this match. I am by no means a Machida fan at all and so this is a pretty bold statement for me.


Cardio, Elusiveness, accurate Striking, perfect TD defense. I think Lyoto is perfect to derail Bones.


We will see.

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