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Who has a chance against Jones?


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After Jones dominated Rua (I wasnt expecting that), it seems as if the LHW division will turn into the WW and MW divisions and have a dominant champ who will hold onto the belt for a while.

Im just going to make a list of people that could possibly challenge Jones. Its just my opinion, and Im not saying that they would beat him...Just that they could introduce new challenges:


Rashad Evans: I have to put him on his, and in the first spot because hes fighting Jones next. I think that Evans will need to use the same gameplan for Jones that he used against Silva and Rampage: set up his strikes by faking takedowns, and vice versa. He will need to get avoid getting bullied around the cage like all of Jones other opponents. His biggest advantage is that he knows Jones tendancys and has probably helped Jones with some of his techniques...but Jones (and more importantly) Jackson know Evans. Tough match-up for Evans.


Lyoto Machida: Before you laugh at me here me out. MMA math doesnt work in this. I know Rua beat Machida and Jones beat Rua, but IMO Ruas style is more efficient against Machida.Jones is still only best when attacking in strait lines (with those flashy moves of his). I think that Machida may be able to use his illusiveness to get in and away(sideways) on Jones. He just needs to avoid the clinch. I wouldnt see Machida KOing or submitting Jones, but he could win a UD.


Randy Couture: Couture would be in a world of trouble standing with Jones, but he may stand a better chance of beating Jones than anyone else if he could use his classic gameplan of pushing Jones up against the side of the cage and smothering him. BUT, the only places in the fight where Couture could have the advantage is when he has Jones pressed up against the cage or if he took Jones down and was in top position..which wouldnt be easy.


Phil Davis: Hes might be too young to put here, but hes similar to Jones in that hes young to MMA, has great wrestling, and is a big up and comer. His fight against lil Nog will be a big indicator. He also (looks) seems like someone that could be stronger than Jones in the cage which hasnt happened up until now.


Thiago Silva: Im only putting him on here because hes got a pretty good chin and dynamite in his hands. He would probably get taken down and pounded out, but if it stayed standing and he could land a bomb...he could KO Jones. Same with Rampage...


Anyone I may have missed?

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