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Who will cut weight easier: Nate or Boetsch?


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So marquardt mentioned about cutting down weight to 170 as he said he felt he walked around really light preparing for his UFC 128 fight and Boetsch is moving down to MW definitely to fight Kendall Grove at UFC 130


Nate is one of the bigger guys at 185 and Boetsch isn't a small 205'er either


Who will be able to cut it easier?


I personally think Nate, he has the right guys around him and will be motivated more to go down since he could be thrown into the title picture pretty quickly with GSP's possible move up to MW



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I don't think Nate can do it but Boetsch is not all cut up like Marquardt. He looks like he could walk around ten plus pounds lighter and probably make 185 with a rough first cut. He's not a small light heavy but he looks a little soft. Hopefully he's in better shape and healthier with a diet and not draining himself to make middleweight though.


Personally I think any light heavy dropping down should atleast trial cut to around 195 on their own just to see how they handle that. Luckily if you have a name like Wanderlei or Vitor they will just call Franklin up for a 195 catchweight bout.

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