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Tired of silva Gsp!!!!!


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Let's get real... I'm over it. I like okami vs silva' date=' Gsp vs NICK Diaz (in philly) or Evans vs silva @ 185.... [b']Jones -Forrest[/b]----all good matchups let's all forget a super fight that's never gonna happen!


This man knows what's up.


Hey..an 08er!! You rule' date='dude! Those 09ers aint got nothin on u![/quote']



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Man. You guys are stupid. Sick of a fight thats been waiting to happen for 2 years now??? and now you are all crying like you just got your juice taken away from you.















1) Either your a Silva fan and scared of GSP beating him.




2) You can't finish anything. Weve been killing Dana with questions and all about this fight. Now you are telling him you don't care anymore. Crazy *** niquas!


Go whine some more people. You know that the more we talk about this fight it will happen. It could be announced in as little as 5-6 weeks. You quitters. We all know we want to see it. Dana says we are going to see it. GSP says hes good but it will take a while. Then Silva says he will fight at a catchweight. ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER PEOPLE! now you don't care. Man. you dissapoint me. Everyone cares about the best superfight ever. right?


lmfao. GSP VS SILVA ftFw

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