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Should the judging criterion be changed


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Just like after every event, we've seen a ****storm fall on all the fighters that lay n prayed or whatever, or some people claiming one fighter only won the fights because judges are idiots for giving so much credit to a takedown. There are some obvious flaws in how fights are judges, if your an mma fan, you've seen it one too many times, and it can be frustrating, but i'm gonna suggest a different reason for these bad decisions.


Alot of people suggest that once we get better judges as the sport evolves, ones that have maybe trained in bjj or something, fights will be judged more fairly. Others just hate on the lnp fighters and just dont watch their fights. I dont think its either of their faults, its more how the fights are supposed to be judged.


The criteria a fighter wants to win a decision is to have shown effective, grappling, striking, aggression, and octagon control. The problem with this system is it gives wrestlers a huge advantage. look at it like this. if a fighter secures a takedown and is on top, he's effectively put himself in position to have 3 of the 4 criterion by just LAYING there. octagon control, hes on top, obvious. aggressiveness, the first one i'd say to get rid of, the guy on top will generally be seen as the aggressor, plus it sucks to be a counter striker. grappling will be given to him again because he's on top (this is why we need judges who know their ****) then striking is void so there you go, just by securing a takedown, a fighter is in very good shape to take the fight.


So there you go. the system is obviously flawed. its interesting to note that the 'new breed' everyone refers to is full of alot of WRESTLERS. its almost as if this system would have been effective when there were not as many wrestlers, or effective ones at that, but now is outdated. Now im not saying they should change the system everytime a certain style seems dominant, but we can't stand idly by when chael sonnen almost rabbit fists his way to a world title. (jk dont flame)



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