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Oh great some random dude is going to put a belt on GSP/Jake


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I think it's a pimp idea' date=' and honestly one Dana White should do more often. Auction the privilege to wrap the belt around the waste of the champ and put the proceeds to charity, like the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders since they do a lot of disaster relief.[/quote']


That idea is even more Gay than Ansem.

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lol u must be the guy whos getting to do it' date=' we all kno u wan to do it just to grab gsps penor for a sec "accidentally"[/quote']


Screw accidentally i'm getting a mouthful if I can. Let me know how it goes with DW. If it doesn't work out maybe we can hook up.

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as long as its not a handicap guy



not that i have a problem with it' date=' its just stupid that people think aww this persons disabled lets treat them like special people.




Not that you have a problem with it but it's stupid???

that don't make sense idiot....

Can't believe your jealous of handicap people... Get a life ******..

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