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So who can beat gsp??


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GSP would kill Diaz...lol


No' date=' it is time for Georges to move on up to 185. Go for it.[/quote']


LMAO yea right


GSP/Diaz is the only fight that makes sense... GSP is ducking Silva and wont fight him, theres no one left but Diaz.. if Dana offers a reasonable amount, i think Diaz will say **** boxing and sign with the UFC

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Here's who beats GSP.


Anyone with above average striking AND submission game.


Why? Well here's the answer. Provided by yours truly, Mirko4life.


GSP is not a good striker, and he doesn't have a good submission game. What he is good at is wrestling.


When he faces a good striker, he wrestles to get the fight to the mat and outgrapples him. When he fights a great submission guy, he uses his wrestling to keep the fight standing and outstrikes him.


Hence, people scream out he has a great submission game and great striking. Which is completely wrong. He has average striking and submissions, which is enough to get by.


Why is it enough to get by? Because his division is filled with one dimensional fighters.


If he fights a guy who has above average striking and submissions, he loses. He would also lose against a grappler that could take him down, or a striker that could keep it standing. But this would be less likely since wrestling is the only thing where GSP is truly great.


Some guys that could beat him(assuming they were in the same weight-class).

Anderson Silva

Fedor Emelianenko





Sonnen(Sonnen is kind of an exception, he has worse striking and worse submission game, but he would take GSP down in a heart beat. And GSP is crap from the bottom).

A crap load of other guys I am just to lazy to name.


GSP is lucky his division is filled with one dimensional fighters, while he is the only athlete that can do a little of everything*(notice I said athlete).

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