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Lost sig bets


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K so I lost a bunch of sig bets in the Aldo-Hominick fight, and one of them is so large that I can't fit it in my sig, so I will leave a link to this thread in my sig so I can still honour them.


"I refused to move out of the way of Aldo hype train and it ran over me and the machine, Now I can do no other job but be the cleaning lady for the Huntington Beach Bad Boys, thanks for the job guys"


"I feel so bad about Hominick losing, eh, getting a one tusked walrus given to me didnt help."


"stfu gsp haters he didnt grease omg u noobz lol."


'I was an idiot to think Aldo would lose, Shuberling is my hero'.


I still firmly believe that Hominick was robbed by the judges ;)

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