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I did like Joe Rogan...


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But **** that guy. He was so biased in the Shields/St Pierre fight. He said atleast four times that "Jake Shields just looks completely bewildered"


Rogan finally mentioned Shields landing a kick to the body in the 3rd round after he had already done it several times in the first two rounds. Georges St. Pierre would swing and completely miss or hit Jake in his forearm and Goldie would say "Another right from GSP"


Then these ****ers keep going on saying eye poke. Rogan even asked Georges "something CLEARLY happened to you eye earlier in the fight"


Yeah Joe something DID happen to his eye. He was hit with several jabs and atleast two right hands directly in his left eye. Now last time I checked PUNCHING a man in the eye is LEGAL and if Georges can't see that's not Jake's ****ing problem.


Finally before ending it he mentioned eye poke once again and changed it to "maybe a punch" and they were defending St. Pierre looking like **** by saying he couldn't see the entire fight which is such BS. On top of that Rogan says something along the lines of "Shields is very tough but proved he just doesn't have the SKILLSET to COMPETE with Georges St. Pierre"


Okay I'm confused maybe he meant to say DEFEAT St. Pierre but two judges (the ones that had it right) scored the fight 48-47. That's being able to COMPETE when you lose 3 rounds and win 2. Pillow fisted Shields inflicting more damage on top of all that. You could tell Georges just got done fighting... Shields not so much.


As for the judge that scored the GSP/Shields fight 50-45 he should be shot. The one that scored Aldo/Hominicks 50-43 should be hung from a tree by his nuts and then shot.

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