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Garza vs Jauboin


Jauboin was throwing some nasty kicks during this fight. I cringed for sure on one of them and Garza kept moving forward. Really entertaining then that flying triangle was just SICK. HAD to be SOTN. Great fight.


Makdessi vs Watson


Pretty good and even fight up until the 3rd. Makdessi was starting to take control and that backfist was just beautiful. It would've been my KOTN had the card stopped at the prelims.


MacDonald vs Jensen


I'm not a big fan of MacDonald and was hoping that he lost. Jensen came out with a pretty bad gameplan and MacDonald locked up a nice triangle. Another good fight.


Menjivar vs Valencia


I really thought Valencia was gong to get the W but Menjivar put on a really good fight. He got some power behind such a short elbow. Awesome KO.


Patrick vs Roberts


I wanted Ninja to win but as SC made a thread it was Claude Patrick via DULL.


Pierson vs Ellenberger


Ellenberger took the fight on a little more than two weeks notice but it didn't seem that way as he completely dominated the stand up and finished it off with a perfect counter left hook. Short tight and to the temple area.


MacDonald vs Diaz


MacDonald pretty much controlled Diaz the whole time and got a well earned UD. Those slams were probably the most exciting moments of the fight. It was OK.


Bocek vs Henderson


Henderson always puts on good fights and this was no different. Bocek almost had that choke locked up and Bendo had his moments in the fight as well. Back and forth action and a really good fight.


Vlady vs Brilz


Vlady brutalized him and KO'd him clean then woke him up. Any other night this would of probably been KOTN. Not tonight two other awesome KOs on the card.


Machida vs Couture


Mad props to Randy going out there and looking good early on. Machida should be up for KOTY with that kick. Good fight while it lasted and spectacular finish.


Mad respect for Randy and it was a bittersweet moment to see him go out with such a beautiful KO.


Aldo vs Homonick


Really good fight! I was excited throughout this fight. I thought Homonick was done after each knock down and those leg kicks were just NASTY on Aldos part. When Aldo seemed to gas in the 2nd I was worried since I am an Aldo fan. That 5th round made me get upset :mad: but a really good fight regardless


Safe Pierre vs Shields


IDC if you bash me but this fight sucked. Shields was NO threat striking to GSP and he STILL managed to get tagged and his face messed up more visibly than Shields (hmm reminds me of GSP vs BJ 1).


IMO GSP doesn't have it mentally anymore.


Safe Pierre is just that. SAFE. I remember a St. Pierre that would finish you when he had you hurt. A GSP that headkicked Hughes then finished him up. A GSP that was dominant and then finished up what he started.


This was a bad performance and to those blaming Shields HE SUCKS striking.




AMAZING card with an ATROCIOUS main event. Overall worth it though.

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