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The Official Machida will Defeat Jones Thread


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He's on the comeback train!

He will get Rampage after he beats Hamill and this time get the victory.

If he needs another fight after wards before he fights Jones, then no problem.

Then Jones is gonna get taken out.












(Will be easier if Shogun isn't involved :rolleyes:)

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Not a fan of Jones...I use what he does to encourage me to surpass as a fighter though.



I am a HUGE admirer of Lyoto Machida , and I really don't think Machida can handle that reach well or his speed , let alone when you start to take the takedowns and ground and pound to factor.



I think Rashad and Machida have the best chances against Jones at 205lbs right now and I don't like those chances sadly.

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... Machida fights overly cautious' date=' I don't like it -[/quote']


Yeah, I think he might do better if he were more aggressive, like when he KTFO of Silva, Evans and Couture.

He's a great counter fighter, but does just as well when aggressive and is much more exciting.

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