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Gps:"dont blink or dont cry tomorrow night" ??


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Really GSP ?


I think he said that so everybody would fall sleep and not watch how pathetic he is OR maybe the word BLINK in Canada is a slang for CRY ?? LOL


Can you imagine staying for 25 min and not blinking ?? LOL


Ok, lets be serious now !! When GSP said that Im sure he tryed to say that would be a quick fight with maybe a 1 round KO or he would dominate Shields .... and the best he did for this "quick ending" was some jabs ?? Really ??


GSP didnt try a thing against Shields. He didnt try a takedown, he didnt try a combo, he didnt try nothing to justify his already classical "dont blink tomorrow night" and we are not talking about a opponent that is great on the ground and with a DANGEROUS STAND UP noooo .... we are talking about Jake Shields who has a great BJJ but a weak stand up skills. Shields has weak punches and kicks (if you train kickboxing or MT for a solid year you would be able to KO Shields) and yet GSP (some say the best p4p) couldnt trade with him .....


I know the title could be funny but it is a really sad thing for the sport when you see the "champion" and considered for most the p4p best in the world just playing safe and being booed at home ... WOW


Now, lets see If Dana will be all pissed and "punish" GSP the same way he did with Anderson.


Sorry guys I had to vent !!!!


Have a great Sunday

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