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Jake Shield Vs GSP Conclusion.


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Punch: Shield for blind GSP eye, or Tie whatever.

Shield: He was horrible, but getting better when GSP lose one eye.

GSP: Did a great job until he lose one eye on the 2nd RD.


Kick: GSP

Shield: Ugliest kick I ever seen. We laugh everytime he lift that funny kick

GSP: Good kick, but that spinning bad kick was just horrible. Need more practice.


Takedown: GSP

Shield: ZERO. If he can't take GSP down, he can't never finish the fight. WTF was he thinking?

GSP: 3+ takedown. He did a perfect job taking shield down, but he playing it safe, so it kind of suck.



Shield: None

GSP: 2+, One from the kick, and another from the punch.


Well even GSP did a horrible job winning the fight, Shield wasn't any better. The challenger need to bring more tools to get that belt, but he didn't do that like all GSP challengers.


Please stop expect GSP to finish his fighter. He was just not stupid to jump on top of world best grappler (people claiming it lol). I don't think we would either. From now on, expect him as the EXPOSER, because this man reveal the weakest of all his challengers. He made them all look horrible, and look amateur in the fight. :D

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