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Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida (Better KO?)


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Silva's was against one of the best strikers in the MW division, who had never been knocked out cold before.


Machida's was against a fighter who has pretty average stand up and has been finished by standing strikes numerous times.


Machida's however is called something like a "Flying front crane kick", which sounds completely awesome lol.


So the kick itself i would give to Machida, the opponent to Silva. Silva's was much more of a "OMFG" moment for me though as the fight was a lot more tense. The Machida fight i was just basically waiting for Machida to land something as he was catching Randy with a lot of clean punches.

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What's really interesting about this is not just that Lyoto and Anderson employed the same technique (aside from Lyoto's fake-switch-hop), but that Randy and Vitor took it the exact same way. Look at the positioning of their hands, heads, and legs. It's just eerie, man. Amazing stuff.


As for the topic, I'd say Lyoto's was a little more flashy.

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