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1000 ways to kill/torture Bin Laden


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If this guy was truly the guy behind 9/11 and if they actually did find him and kill him while Obama takes all the credit, well then USA really dropped the ball this time!


i mean they couldve had much more fun terrorizing a terrorist. He was worth so much more alive. Think of the ways they could execute or torture him!!! What would you do?? I'll get it started


-strap him to a chair and make him watch replays over and over again of the Royal Wedding. During commercials make him listen to jazz and country music. Make sure to take away any shoelaces, fingernails, all articles of clothing, and anything else he could possibly harm himself with.


-cut off all of his fingers, balls, and toes one by one. reattach them to places of which they should not be. Then give him a job as a Walmart Greeter


-send him to Vancouver wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey


-Tattoo the word 'Virgin' on his **** and lock him up in a jail cell full of a dozen gay sex starved mexican rapists


-Put him in the octagon and give him a UFC contract. God knows GSP really needs to finish a fight and Chuck and Randy could make a comeback.

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