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who's kick was better?


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The Karate Kid's kick was nuts' date=' cause he threw a fake as well. I think that's the best Machida has been in a long time and he'll stand the biggest chance at getting the title.[/quote']


True. A fight with Jones would be an interesting one. Hope that happens, title fight or not.


machida's was better but unfortunately it was on captain america :(


Yeah. It was just sad.:( But still...salutes to the Captain


Machida...that kick was awesome.


I'm really glad to see Karate get some dues in MMA. I love all styles from wrestling' date=' BJJ, boxing, and you name it, so seeing guys execute beautiful moves from particular disciplines is always cool.[/quote']


More and more flashy moves have been made recently. Pettis's, Silva, Machida. How bout a scorpion kick on the clinch. Ala Cynthia Luster or Cynthia Rothrock style. Check out the kick on 4:19



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They both were great. Anderson's was against a better striker. It had a lot of shock value to it. There wasn't much going on in the fight up until that kick. It was also the Main event, so It was the last thing left in our minds from that event.


Machida's was a flying crane kick. He snapped the kick very quickly and it was a clean KO. But, it was only a matter of time until Machida put Randy out. He was tagging him all night. Randy also lost a tooth.


I give the slight advantage to Machida.

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