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who's the poster boy for ufc?


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Its kind off hard Brock may not win fights that much anymore but he easily sells out in ANY arena hes competed in.


I could go with anderson beacuse if i had never seen ufc before and they Showed him grey and said Greatest P4P in the world on the commercial For His fight with belfort I would think Hey I wanna see him fight and he NEVEr disapoints.. (excluding Maia)



Same With the Anderson Silva thing i wrote Gsp Is Shown Doing somersault kicks and stuff and low rondhouse kicks And They arguably p4p 2 or 1 i would say Ok whoever fights him will be in for trouble... But He Dissapoints Examples: Koscheck , Fitch , and i could KINDA say dan hardy




old school posterboy is Defenitly Chuck.

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The poster boy is always who Dana White thinks will sell. Just like Elite XC it doesn't matter the talent, if a big promo sells a fighter, the newbie fans will listen.


I remember not so long ago I was trying to convince dozens of my friends that Kimbo Slice was not good at MMA. They even bougth hooded sweatshirts. So embarassed for them now, but new fans listen to the media.

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