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Former UFC champ Evans still doubts Jones but turning attention to Davis


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"Jon doesn't need surgery," Evans today told MMAjunkie.com. "He did not need the surgery. No doctor will operate on him. They say he doesn't need it."


According to recent reports, the two nearly came to blows at the Las Vegas nightclub. Evans said it never got that far, but the two did have an intense conversation in private.


"He pulled me over, and he's like, 'I just want to tell you right now ? I'm going to destroy you,'" Evans recalled. "'You're going to be my first knockout highlight.'


"I'm looking at him in disbelief like, is this dude serious? So I was like, 'Ok, you are. Then why didn't you take the fight?'"


"It's obvious he doesn't want to fight, because if you don't need surgery and you're not going to have it, then why tell the UFC that you're going to have surgery and not have it?


"So pretty much what it comes down to is this guy faked a surgery. He's not fighting me. But he's so confident. He's saying he's going to destroy me and he's Jon Jones the great, but yet he doesn't even need surgery ? or he's not going to have it."


"I'm the kind of person that if there's going to be a story out, and it's going to say something happened, then I'm going to tell the truth about the whole situation, I'm not going to lie about it to make myself look better. I'm going to say what happened, and that's what happened.


"And the truth of the matter is there's nothing wrong with his thumb."


"I even hate the fact that I've got to talk about Jon Jones right now because I've got a great fighter in front of me. I'm coming back from injury and I need to go out there and have a good fight. So that's my main focus."



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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had originally pulled out of his UFC 133 bout with Rashad Evans due to a hand surgery. The move raised the ire of some MMA fans, especially when Jones explained the surgery. From his original statement:


(The torn tissue in my right hand in the area between my thumb and forefinger) is an injury that’s been recurring since I was a college wrestler, it doesn’t affect my punching or grappling, but I am taking the time and the proper measures to correct this now, so that it doesn’t happen again. I look forward to getting back to training and to my first title defense. As for Rashad, let’s see what happens with Phil Davis. I will be watching that fight with great interest.


I was fairly vocal in talks with other members of the media and on Twitter that I thought this was a poor move from a management standpoint. Despite a strong push by the UFC to get Jones into the media, he is not yet a proven superstar in terms of the level of business he can do.


The bout with Rashad was the exact kind of fight that Jones needed to take that next step toward becoming a superstar. Evans is generally unpopular and was set to play the perfect "arrogant" foil to Jones' routine. To pull out of that fight made little sense, but then to announce that you were doing it to have a surgery that you don't need and that doesn't affect your grappling or striking was not going to help. MMA fans are accustomed to watching fighters brave much worse injuries in the past so public statements that make it seem like you'd rather take an elective surgery than shut your rival's mouth in a big money fight make no sense.


Now, it appears that Jones is not even having the surgery. His manager Malki Kawa is now tweeting:


I guess its time to put out the truth. @Jonnybones suffered a tear in his thumb in 2 different spots... Every dr he saw said to have surgery


We went to meet with the surgeon on wed and after he looked at @Jonnybones he thought that surgery was a bit evasive and bones didn't have ... To have if he didn't want to. @Jonnybones decided against surgery, and we immediately met with dana and lorenzo the next day to get his next fight scheduled


For the record, every doctor @Jonnybones saw was a @ufc referred doctor. The very last one on the day before surgery thought against it...


Note: I'm sure "evasive" means "invasive"


So they went public with a statement that they were pulling out of a fight for a surgery that would correct an issue that didn't affect his fighting, and now are going public with a statement that they don't need the surgery at all.


Note to fighter management: don't go public with a surgery announcement prior to the surgery actually being scheduled.


It's all playing into Rashad's hands quite well as he was quick to hit up Twitter himself:


If I'm lying, I'm dying! Ask @jonnybones when is his surgery & who was his dr! He so fake he fake surgeries!! Now that's fake!


Regardless of how true it is, Evans now has plenty of ammo to make it seem like Jones went out of his way to duck a fight with Rashad. Jones' management mishandled the entire situation and have managed to mar Jones' reputation almost immediately after he won the belt.

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1. I don't see why he doesn't get the surgery if the tear is never going to heal. He'll need it eventually.


2. Rashad has always been a drama queen and always will be. I wish Rampage knocked him out in that 3rd round.



If whats in this article is true he doesnt get the surgery because every sergeon says he doesnt need it and wont perform it on him.

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Rashad didn't thoroughly explain what happened.


Jon Jones went to two UFC doctors, both of whom said he would need surgery.


However, Jon Jones did not want the surgery.


So, he went to get the surgery anyways, and he was then told that he wouldn't need surgery, but he had already pulled out of the fight.


So, he has a new opponent I guess.

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If whats in this article is true he doesnt get the surgery because every sergeon says he doesnt need it and wont perform it on him.


No Evans is very wrong.


Yesterday Sherdog's front page story was about how Jones didn't need surgery after all. The doctor Jones saw the day before the surgery is the only doctor that suggested the surgery was invasive. He simply said its already healed to the point of where it would take longer for him to be back training from having the surgery, in place of taking it easy on the hand and letting it naturally heal.


Evans is just trying to gain even more of a mental edge by getting the fans on his side, by making you silly people who buy into his stories, believe that Jones is a thug/punk.

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