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Tito and Brock appreciation Thread


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I do not like these guys. They're two of my least favorites but they deserve respect.


Tito is a ******, but in being one, he brought the sport to a new level. If you don't know, pre-UFC 40, the UFC was in trouble and on the brink of bankruptcy and were going to sell the company. Then Tito marketed UFC 40 so much that USA Today gave media coverage to it. Before UFC 40, the UFC averaged about 44,000 for PPV's; UFC 40 brought in 150,000, more than three times as many. That's when the UFC really started going. He is also the longest reinging LHW champion in the history of the UFC, defending the belt 5 times. He was also involved in UFC's first ever PPV that got 1,000,000+ buys. Without him, I doubt the sport would be where it's at. Still, he's a ******.


Brock is as much, if not more, of a ******. However, he's a draw. he brings in 1,000,000+ PPV buys in everyone of his outings, where he is headlining. I owe him my respect because my first live fight was UFC 100 and ever since then, I've been hooked. I think I would've still been a fan sooner or later, but he drew me in initially. He's brought millions of more fans into the sport. I think the majority of the members here are post-UFC 100 fans.


I think we all should give them at least some respect. C'mon, guys.

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Another shocking fact is your a post 100 fan and a gsp fan.:eek: You misssed all the fights he actually finished in!:eek:


You canadian? Only thing I can come up with if you missed those fights.


No, I'm Hispanic and live in El Paso, Texas haha. I just love how he carries himself. He's already top 2 P4P and he still looks to get better; training with Freddie Roach. He's very humble. He's a true martial artist.

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